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Pre-K 3 News

Academic Excellence in a Christian Environment



Hello my new friends!

We are going to have so much fun this year!  We will use several workbooks.  Letters & Sounds will teach each letter & what it says using the help of an animal alphabet friends.  We will teach early writing skills by learning letter formation & practice eye-hand coordination while tracing the letters.  Numbers & Skills will help us learn numbers concepts 1-15.  We will also sharpen our listening skills & learn to follow directions.  Before you know it, you’ll be ready for math.  Child Art will help us learn colors and shapes, follow directions, and develop eye-hand coordination.  Of course, we
love arts & crafts!  We will glue & paint almost every week!  We will make a craft for every letter we learn, Bible stories, seasons, and holidays!


Here is what we will do everyday:

-              8:15 – Play Time

-         8:45 – Pick-up Time

-         8:50 – Bathroom Break

-         9:00 – Morning Prayer, Pledge, & Review

-         9:15 – Floor Time (Lesson-usually letters)

-         9:30 – Table Time (Seat Work & Craft)

-         10:00 – Recess (Snack & Bathroom Break)

-         10:30 – Floor Time (Lesson-usually numbers)

-         10:45 – Table Time (Seat Work)

-         11:10 – Wrap-up

-         11:15 – Ready to Go

-         Extended Day until 2:30

I’ll see you real soon - I can’t wait to meet you!


Don’t forget to bring the following with you to Meet & Greet:

        Updated Shot Record (Copy) 

         NAP MAP (Roll Up) if staying for “Extended Day”

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