BIRTHDAYS--Send a note a couple of days before the big day telling us what day you would like to celebrate it so we don't have 2 students celebrating on the same day.  The "Birthday Child" is the Leader that day.  If you would like, you may send cookie cake, cookies, MINI-cupcakes (no cakes or standard size cupcakes) when you drop your child off.  If your child's birthday is in the summer, you can choose a day in May to celebrate.


TOYS----------Do not let your child bring toys to school.  Toys are allowed for Show & Tell only.


CLOTHES----Wear play clothes!   Put your child's name on jackets, sweaters, caps, backpacks, etc. This is necessary!


TIME-----------   3 & 4 year old classes:  Lessons begin promptly at 8:30AM.

                        Kindergarten only will begin promptly at 8:15AM.

                        Please, have your child at school on time so he/she does not miss                           any lessons.   
                        It is very difficult for us to try to re-teach what they miss when                           they come in late.


            ** Dismissal for 3 & 4 yr. old classes: 11:15AM - 11:30AM. 

         **Dismissal for Kindergarten & siblings: 11:45 - 12 noon.  

         **Dismissal for Extended School Day: Must be picked up by  2:30PM. 


To ensure that our schedules are maintained, please, pick your child up on time!


* A late fee will be charged for arriving after designated time.


RIDES---------If your child is to go home with someone other than your regular ride, please, notify us.

**We will not let him/her go without notification.  Put NAME CARD on the windshield!


TUITION------Please, pay on the 1st of the month and no later than the 5th.  I appreciate your promptness! 

   **If a check is returned as NSF, there will be a $15 fee.

   **Make checks payable to:  Poise-N-Ivy.  Print your child's name on the "Memo"      line.

   *** All cash must  be sent in an envelope with your child's name printed on the outside.       
                      I will send a receipt for cash only.

                        ***Hand tuition to teacher on duty at the door.


ARRIVAL-----A teacher will help your child out of the car and into school.  Please, do not park and bring your child in.  If he/she cries, let us take him/her from the car.  Please, remain in the car and simply drive off.  It will be more painful for you than your child, because they stop crying when they get in the school and start playing.  Trust us to give them lots of love and fill their morning with lots of fun!  You can give me a call if you want and I'll let you know how everything is going!  Be consistent!  Be positive!  After coming to school a few times, they'll be jumping out
so fast you'll have to remind them to give you a good-bye kiss!


 HOLIDAYS--We follow Calcasieu Parish Schools holiday schedule (see School Calendar page).