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PreK 3: Three options for enrollment: MWF, Tues/Thurs, Mon-Fri

PreK 4 & KindergartenMon-Fri

Regular Day: 8:00 - 11:30 (Kindergarten 11:45)

Extended Day: 8:00 - 2:30

TUITION------ See Registration Form for TUITION

Please, pay on the 1st of the month and no later than the 5th.   

   **If a check is returned as NSF, there will be a $15 fee.

   **Make checks payable to:  Poise-N-Ivy.  Print your child's name on the "Memo"      line.

   *** All cash must  be sent in an envelope with your child's name printed on the outside.  I will send a receipt for cash only.

                        ***Hand tuition to teacher on duty at the door.


BOOK & SUPPLY FEE: PreK 3 ................ $200

                            PreK 4 ................ $240

                            Kindergarten ... $300


TIME-----------   Doors Open at 8AM

                        PreK 3 & PreK 4  classes:  Begin 8:30   Dismissal 11:15-11:30

                        Kindergarten only begins at 8:15        Dismissal K & Siblings 11:45

                     **Dismissal for Extended School Day: Pick up anytime by 2:30.


                     **ARRIVAL must be on time so he/she does not miss any lessons.   

                     **PICK-UP must be on time!

                     **A fee will be charged for picking up LATE.


MEET & GREET --- Meet your teacher and see your classroom.  Usually the last week of August. Your teacher will contact you about the 3rd week of August to set a time.

PNI SPIRIT T-SHIRT ---  Order forms will be sent home. (child & adult sizes)

CLOTHES----Wear play clothes!   Put your child's name on jackets, sweaters, caps, backpacks, (EXTENDED DAY only: lunch box & thermos), etc.

NAME CARD----Put NAME CARD on the windshield that you receive at Meet & Greet.

If your child is to go home with someone other than your regular ride, please, NOTIFY US.


ARRIVAL-----A teacher will help your child out of the car and into school. 

Please, do not park & bring your child in. 

If he/she cries, let us take him/her from the car.  Remain in the car and simply drive off

It will be more painful for you than your child, because they stop crying when they get in the school and start playing

Trust us to give them lots of love and fill their morning with lots of fun

Be consistent!  Be positive!  After coming to school a few times, they'll be jumping out
so fast you'll have to remind them to give you a good-bye kiss!


 HOLIDAYS--We follow Calcasieu Parish Schools holiday schedule (see School Calendar page).

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